Just Meet Up – FAQS

Q – Is there any kind of age limit for people attending these events?
A – The minimum Age is 21. And since the purpose of meet is not necessarily dating, there is no maximum age limit.

Q – Is there any limit to the number of events a person can attend?
A – There is no limit, you can register for as many events as you want to attend.

Q – What will happen if any of the event is canceled? Will we get back the money?
A – A notification will be sent if an event is canceled, your money will be used for another event that would be held in the place of the canceled one.

Q – Can I come along with a few of my friends?
A – You can bring along as many people as you want, provided all of them have registered fro the event, and have paid the fee.

Q – What kind of events are we talking about?
A – Varied kinds of events, might be indoor parties in a club, or out door fun activities.

Q – What kind of people will be a part of these events?
A – These events will be for all kinds of people, from different walks of life, all of them above 21 years of age.

Q – What happens if I cannot make it to an event?
A – You are required to inform in advance, you will be registered for the next event.

Q – Will there be any kind of dress code?
A – Just look neat and smart, you can wear what you find comfortable.

Q – How many people can we expect in a single event?
A There is no specific number, different events will have different number of people turning up. The ratio of men and women in all events would be equal.

Q – Is there any kind of Refund Policy?
A – Refund or transfer will be provided only if you provide an intimation prior to 48 hours before the event.